BILL SINGER is an outspoken critic of ineffective regulation and an advocate for Wall Street reform. Singer provides legal counsel to securities-industry firms, registered persons, whistleblowers and defrauded investors. He has represented clients before regulatory organizations, during criminal investigations, and in Congressional investigations.

Singer is the Street Legal columnist for Registered Rep. magazine; a featured columnist for; and a member of the Forbes Intelligent Investing All-Stars Panel. He regularly appears as a commentator on television and radio, and is frequently quoted in the press.
Bill Singer's Resume
September 24, 2016
SEC Says Independence Compromised By Auditor And Client FriendshipWhen does a relationship between an auditor and the audit client become too close so as to cross over the line from merely a "close personal relationship" and wind up in the land of "compromising?" A recent Securities and Exchange Commission settlement shows how the federal regulator grapples with that edgy issue.  Mo... Read On